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When the weather is cool I always enjoy crocheting scarves.  I learned how from my grandmother when I was a little girl.  I’ve never been able to just sit doing nothing when it’s too cold to be outside in the evenings. I’ve never done any yarn work in the summer months, thought because its always just seemed too hot for that kind of thing.

However, last week I was in the arts and crafts store for some paper and saw this really different looking yarn, Sensations Angel Hair. It looks so cool with the soft variegated yarn wrapped in smaller alternating colored threads. It spoke to the hippie in me ;)! I just had to make something with it so I bought a few skeins to give it a try.  It is so incredibly soft and easy to work with and its so casual and festive!

Sensations Angel Hair yarn

Sensations Angel Hair yarn

I did a little research online for something to make using “bulky” yarn and found a pattern for a shawl at the Lion Brand Yarn website. I altered it just a bit because I wanted more of a small throw than a shawl. I am loving the playful, somewhat open weave look of it. It will be great for snuggling under when my husband turns up the air conditioner while watching a movie on a summer night or when I’m sitting on the deck to keep mosquito bites away.

I guess it was time for a little change in my creativity this season and I’m really happy about it.

First few rows of multicolored throw.

First few rows of multicolored throw.


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