A Feather On The Beach

An Artist's Journal

About Carol

I am an artist, wife and mom. I work mainly in color pencil and pen and ink.  I was always inspired by my uncle’s love for photography and I often use photographs as references for my drawings because the mediums I work in are very time consuming.  Now I’m also enjoying photography as a creative medium on it’s own.

With my photography as well as my artwork, I try to capture those little things that people may overlook while rushing by in their busy lives.  A tiny insect on a leaf, a cat smelling a flower, a boat sailing peacefully on the sea; who knows what I’ll spot next and add here for you to enjoy.

An art, nature and animal lover my entire life, I often include these interests in my work.  My husband and I have one son who is a graphic designer, two dogs, two cats and two birds.

My favorite artists are Matisse, Gauguin, Mucha, and Van Gogh.  My other passions include music and the ocean.

To see more of my artwork please visit my website SilverFeather Art, where a percentage of my profits always go to animal charities, rescues, and no-kill shelters.


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